Ultimate Economy


Player Commands

/sethome <homename>

e.x. /sethome myhome

(default) maxHomes config: By default a player can set up to 3 homepoints.

/delhome <homename>

e.x. /delhome myhome

/home <homename>

e.x. /home myhome

Teleports you to the home point.


e.x. /home Returns a list of all your homes.


Player Commands


Lists all available jobs on the server.

/jobInfo <jobname>

e.x. /jobInfo miner

Lists all blocks/plants/mobs with the incomings.


Lists all jobs you joined.


Town mayor commands

/town delete <townname>

e.x. /town delete mytown

/town addDeputy <townname> <playername>

e.x. /town addDeputy mytown catch441

The deputy has all permissions in the town like the owner except the permission to add other deputies and to delete the town.

/town removeDeputy <townname> <playername>

e.x. /town removeDeputy mytown catch441

/town rename <old name> <new name>

e.x. /town rename mytown newtown

Town mayor and deputiy commands

/town expand <townname>

e.x. /town expand mytown

The command can only executed in a active townworld and on a chunk that is connected to your town. This chunk will be added to your town. The price for the expanding will be payed from the town bank.

/town setTownSpawn <townname>

e.x. /town setTownSpawn mytown

Have to be executed in a townworld inside a town.

/town bank <townname>

e.x. /town bank mytown

/town moveTownManager

e.x. /town moveTownManager Can only be executed inside a town.

/town withdraw <townname> <amount>

e.x. /town withdraw mytown 100

Withdraws money from a town back to you.

Joined player commands

/town plot setForSale <price>

e.x. /town plot setForSale 10

Can be executed by the owner of the plot you are standing on. This command sets the chunk/plot you are standing on for sale. The command spawns a sale villager on your position where other players can buy this plot from you.

Player commands

/town create <townname>

e.x. /town create mytown

The command can only executed in a active townworld and on a free chunk.

/town tp <townname>

e.x. /town tp mytown

/town pay <townname> <amount>

e.x. /town pay mytown 10


Player Commands


e.x. /money

/bank <on/off>

e.x. /bank on

Shows/hides a scoreboard with your money.

/pay <playername> <amount>

e.x. /pay catch44110 amount